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The Next Frontier: Engineering the Golden Age of Green can serve as a valuable tool when teaching the importance of renewable, clean energy technologies and good government policy in shaping our nation’s future.

The one-hour documentary focuses on those technologies that can improve our future and create significant economic opportunities. The Next Frontier features Beckly Worley of ABC’s Good Morning America traveling the world looking for the solutions that address the serious problems of excessive carbon dioxide emissions and our dependence on fossil fuel.

This informative and entertaining documentary provides students with a unique look at the problem of climate change and the available solutions. The FREE Education Outreach Program is geared towards students from 6th – 12th grade. It poses questions that require the students to think about how they’ll address the energy crisis and environmental impacts facing their generation.

The Next Frontier is a perfect teaching tool for environmental science, earth science, engineering, sustainability and even government classes. The documentary can be shown to students in its entirety or you can show individual sections like solar, wind or community development. The program is tailored to suit your needs in the classroom!

The Next Frontier Education Outreach Program also includes an Energy Awareness Activity Book for K-5 students.

FREE Education Outreach Program
Available for Download here: Education Outreach Program

FREE DVD – copies of the The Next Frontier DVD
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Download Sections of the Education Outreach Program:

Climate Change: A Serious Threat

Climate change is a serious threat and if we don’t do something about it today, it’s going to get worse.

What We Can Do Today

Innovative technologies and policies will address the serious problem of excessive carbon dioxide emissions and our dangerous dependence on fossil fuel.

Improving Our Future

Renewable, clean energy technologies can improve our quality of life, our future, and create significant economic opportunities.

Real Engineers Making a Difference

A look at the engineers featured in The Next Frontier

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Energy Awareness Activity Book

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